Invididual Hammock Chair Yaguas


Product Description

Comfortable hanging chair with separating bar recommended for 1 person.Measurements – 105cm x 140cm,Weight capacity:  200kg 
Yaguas – hammock yagua is a Caribbean striped design;It is made in Colombia with cotton of superior quality. It offers great comfort and resistance.

Machine washable

The fabric part of the hanging chair is removable and can be washed at 30 ° C (86 ° F) in the program for delicate garments! 

Do not use dryer

To care for the product should be dried outdoors and not in the dryer.

Tender at night

Cotton hammocks are sensitive to constant humidity. It is recommended to lay the hammock at night to protect it from dew. Keep in mind that a wet hammock needs air circulation to dry.

Store in a dry place

We recommend cleaning the hammock before storing it during the winter. When completely dry it can be stored in plastic to protect it from bugs.


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